#152: How Your Mission Helps You Stay Accountable [Podcast]

The core values of kindness, respect and teamwork are evident in everything that dancer/choreographer/entrepreneur Keri Roberts does.  These core values help her stay accountable to her mission. I am so delighted to have her on a second time to catch up as we talk about the growth of her dance company, the interesting aspects of…

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#151: 7 Things I’ve Learned from Doing 150 Podcast Episodes [Podcast]

There are many things I’ve learned from doing 150 podcast episodes and here are 7 things I’ve learned in the process.  Who would’ve thought that this journey would yield many unexpected benefits and lessons. Quitting is an option. It’s your choice. There are things that you should quit such as thinking that you’re not enough,…

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#150: You Asked, I Answer-Listener Questions on Dance, Life and Business [Podcast]

I celebrate another mile marker for my 150th podcast episode by taking listener questions on dance, life and business. This was both thought provoking and fun. Here are the listener questions and my answers: From Joey Cooper Why is dancing the answer? -It isn’t always the answer, but it is the answer for me. Why?…

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