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The December Alternative

The month of December means different things to different people. So, in this session of The DancePreneuring Studio, I give this festive month a different focus that can easily apply to any month of the year.

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Session Summary

  • Step to Success: Just as steps are necessary in a dance, there are steps to success in your life and business. In this segment, we discuss a step in the form of an app, a book, or a concept that will help you move forward. Today’s step is a tool called Freedom that can be installed on all your devices to block distractions so that you can be productive. You can schedule the sessions where you want distractions blocked and there is a free trial available.
  • Dancer’s Dialect: The Dancer’s Dialect is the dancer’s language.  I share terminology and concepts from different genres so you can see the correlations in your life and in your business.  I recently took a Dancehall class and it has been forever and a day since I was in that class and I had forgotten how much I enjoy it, and how difficult it is. There was one step we worked on called the nuh linga which you’ll see in the video below.
    ‘Nuh linga’ means ‘do not linger’ – don’t wait or keep moving. It may also express impatience, e.g. ‘me nah linga’ means ‘I’m leaving. I cannot stay here any longer.’ The basic rule while dancing is to keep your weight on your one foot and make circles with the other one. It is important to use your whole body, and your arms and torso need to rotate too. The impetus of the movement I learned comes from the hips, and the feet are just a natural progression from the hip and torso movement.
    The definition of nuh linga reminds me that there are some things in life that you cannot waste time on and you need to keep on moving. In business it can mean the difference between just having ideas and implementing those ideas forward. It’s about throwing out the idea of perfection, which is never attained, and have progression instead.


  • Freestyle Flow:
    There’s dirt on my shirt. And pretty much all over my clothes now that I do some of my workouts outdoors. I love being outside exercising, even when it’s cold. Check out this article on the benefits of exercising outdoors.  Whether it’s a gym atmosphere you like or being outdoors, the best thing is exercise where you know you’ll be the most consistent.
  • Feature Presentation:

I have to admit, I am not one of those people who loves holidays like Christmas, Hanukkhah, Kwanzaa, etc. I have to look for the positive in it because my son loves it, but if it wasn’t for him, it would just be another month. Part of the reason is that during this Fall time is when the days would drag when I was working a regular nine to five, not dancing, became homeless, and also lost a number of people that were close to me.  I know, I’m sounding kind of negative and like Scrooge, right? I don’t necessarily fit into the happy homemaker baking cookies either, lol. I apologize in advance to those of you that love Christmas and this time of year. Although I do love the movie Elf with order tramadol online pharmacy Will Ferrell. : )

Instead of focusing on the fact that I want December to be done sooner than later, I decided to use the word December to make my own acronym for positive things that I can do as follows:

D-Decide how you want your month to go and the commitments you can keep without going crazy and adding more stress.  Check out this article from Lifehack.org on how to have a productive holiday.
E-Exercise: This is the time that understandably, things can kind of slip in this area, but even if you do cut back due to all the holiday festivities, you can still plan to work in exercise. The biggest thing is to be mindful and intentional.  Check out this article from The Greatist on staying fit during the holiday season.
C-Create. Use the inspiration around you to create something new, even if you don’t think you’re an artist. It can be as simple as doing a coloring book.  I found a coloring book on Amazon called Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns that looks interesting.

E-Express Gratitude: This is something to do 365, everyday.  Keep a gratitude journal. Check out this article on the benefits of a gratitude journal.
Benefits of a Gratitude Journal

1. Lower stress levels.

2. Feel calm at night.

3. Gain a new perspective of what is important to you and what you truly appreciate in your life.

4. By noting what you are grateful for, you will gain clarity on what you want to have more of in your life, and what you can cut from you life.

5. Helps you focus on what really matters.

6. Keeping a gratitude journal helps you learn more about yourself and become more self-aware.

7. Your gratitude journal is a safe zone for your eyes only, so you can write anything you feel without judgment.

8. On days when you feel blue, read back through your gratitude journal to readjust your attitude and remember that you have great people and things in your life.

M-Make memories from new experiences.  What does that mean? Do something new, it doesn’t mean anything costly. An example for me is something as going to a new park in the area to do my workout. What am I noticing? If I am on my back doing bridge ups or working on my back bends, I notice the trees, the birds, and other simple things. I then focus on how thankful I am to exercise when I want and that I am healthy and getting stronger.
B-Bury: What hasn’t worked this past year. Let it go.
E-Elevate: Not necessarily doing more, but look at the quality of the things that you are doing. And if you’re overwhelmed to do an overhaul in the month of December, make plans to start in January. This has been an ongoing process recently with my dance training. I used to think the more classes that I took, the better. It’s not about quantity, but quality. It’s not about adding but refining.
R-Refresh and Restore–Revisit if you haven’t, the why in the things that you do? One thing that I learned recently to do in my calendar is to put the why of each event, whether it’s business, personal, etc.

Question: What does December mean for you?

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