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  • Step to Success:  A step to your success is anything that moves your life and your business forward.  Whether it’s an app, a book or an idea, you can apply something to today that will help you succeed.
    In Yoga, there are a few things that are emphasized that have helped in my dancing:
    1.  Not comparing myself to others.  I do look for things I like, but how can I best challenge myself and what works for me.
    2. Being mindful and present. This is an everyday thing to focus on in every situation.
    3. Being your own teacher first. Innately you are wired to know what to do.
    4. Reminders to not sit or sink into the poses but get out of your joints. The poses, although static, are very active.
    Check out this important resource on how not to mess up your knees and hips in Yoga from Monika Volkmar, who I had the pleasure of interviewing on Session #040
    5. Breath is more important to transition properly into the movements.
  • Dancer’s Dialect: The Dancer’s Dialect is the dancer’s language. I share dance terminology and concepts across different genres so you can see the correlations in your life and in your business.  The word for today is lofting. I was recently at a birthday party/dance party/fundraiser and it has been ages since I have been in a club environment. It was inspiring for me to enjoy the music, watch some innovative freestyle dancing and get out of the studio to experience something different.  Because it was mostly house music that was played,  it got me thinking about different styles of house dancing and I came across lofting, which I had not heard of.
    According to housedancer.com and the Legacy of The Loft Dance Style:
    “Lofting is the term used to describe a very smooth, and sensual “Freestyle” form of dancing that is said to have originated at a Legendary underground dance party known as The Loft (began 1970?s, NYC) hosted by David Mancuso.

    Today Lofting borrows from much of what The Lofters did in their early days, from grooving to the melody of dance music, gracefully transitioning from one movement into the next without breaks as if one is simply dancing through the beats rather than directly on it. Lofting is a unique “Freestyle” form of dancing that welcomes many styles of movement while keeping true to it’s fluid, graceful essence.”

  • Freestyle Flow: Uber got creative again and in conjunction with animal shelters across the country, offered to deliver puppy playtime for $30 for 15 minutes. How cute is that? : )
  • Feature Presentation:  It’s just as important to stop doing order tramadol things as it is to start doing things in the progress and accomplishment of your goals.  How are you doing on your goals for 2016? We are in a new month and it’s important to track as you go along. I remind myself as I go through my different checklists each day, that what gets measured gets improved. But don’t be discouraged, you can still start because it’s all about moving forward.

    There are 5 things I’ve stopped doing in dance to continue my progress.

    1. I’ve stopped taking multiple classes back to back. Initially I took everything and anything, even if I didn’t like the class, because I thought that would make me better and it some respects, it has, but sometimes quantity does not mean quality. My training now is more intentional and focused based on the goals I have. I still take classes back to back sometimes, but not because I feel I need to, but because I want to, and it aligns with my goals.
    2. I’ve stopped judging my progress based on one class, workout or training session. Is there always something to work on? Yes, unless you’re comfortable being where you are at.  I know that if I am intentional, put the proper work in, I will get the results that I am looking for.
    3. I’ve stopped having FOMO–the fear of missing out. If it didn’t work out that I could attend a master class, workshop, etc, then it wasn’t meant to be for me to be there.
    4. I’ve stopped holding my breath. Thanks to the other dance training, yoga and my own workouts I am doing intentionally, my lung capacity and stamina have improved immensely and I don’t hold my breath while doing choreography.  Whether you dance or not, and want to improve how you breathe and build your stamina, I cannot say enough about the benefits of cross training and yoga.
    5. I’ve stopped focusing on how much time I’d lost by not dancing all these years. There is nothing I can do to get that time back and focusing on regrets does me no good. All I have is the present moment, and if I can continue focusing on all the good that is within that present moment, whether I’m in class, training or elsewhere, I gain so much more.

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Question: What have you stopped doing that has helped you move forward?

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