#057: The Soul Groove of Life and Business [Podcast]

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The Soul Groove of Life and Business

The biggest thing I’ve learned is to be true to who I am, be patient, and appreciate and support all forms and types of dance…

Session Summary

    • Step to Success: A step to your success is anything that moves your life and your business forward. Whether it’s an app, a book or an idea, you can apply something today that will help you succeed.  I have this love hate relationship with social media. Do you? I love technology and all its possibilities but I have to unplug sometimes from the noise of all the media that is available, and I don’t even watch tv. So much information!
      Well, I have a secret to share on social media.  Can you keep a secret? That really isn’t a secret. When Pinterest first came out, I was very intrigued and obsessed with it. I took a course and immediately implemented what I learned. Then I got burnt out and I never touched Pinterest again.
      Now, I access Pinterest quite a bit, although I haven’t pinned or created any boards, I look at HIIT and Kettlebell workouts, recipes, haircuts, health information, yoga clothes and now, I am in the process of creating a secret board for my vision board. My goals right now are in written form but I know the importance of having visuals as well.
      Check out this resource on 10 Things to Know About Secret Pinterest Boards.  You can have an unlimited number of secret boards and use them for personal and business for gathering ideas, and collaborating on projects.
      Yes, I do have a love hate relationship with social media. But I am excited to incorporate this great tool.
    • Dancer’s Dialect: The Dancer’s Dialect is the dancer’s language.  I share dance terminology across different genres so that you can see the correlations in your life and business.  I embrace new experiences, even if they’re uncomfortable.  In a recent jazz class that I took there was a step in our progressions across the floor, termed “over the log” which I have seen the technical step in tap called “over the top,” but I had never done it. That’s what usually happens when I take more advanced level classes, there is more often than not something I haven’t tried or learned, and then it goes on my goals tramadol with no prescription needed list to learn how to do it.  Check out this video of the tap step that is similar to what we did in jazz class.

This reminded me again of how important it is to continually get out of your comfort zone, go over the log or over the top, because that is where you will grow. Check out this great article from Entrepreneur.com on why you need to step out of your comfort zone and here is an important excerpt as follows:

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, therapist and author of Better Than Perfect, says people who regularly seek out fresh experiences tend to be more creative and emotionally resilient than those who remain stuck in routine.

“Breaking your own mold can only make you stronger and more confident to reach higher levels in your professional and personal life,” she says.

Innovation, she says, happens when we step outside our comfort zone. Being stagnant in routine often results in plummeting creativity. “In order to be more creative, you have to try new things, see things in a new way,  and put pieces together in a new manner.”

  • Freestyle Flow: Listen to this session as I describe my coffee cup mixup experience that reminded me of 3 lessons: 1. Be nice to those who serve you. 2. I was so convinced that I was right, when in fact, I was mistaken. 3. Know your coffee drinks.
  • Feature Presentation: It’s exciting when your love and passion for dance continue to grow, fueling new levels of creativity. CJ Edwards, dancer, choreographer Creative Director/Founder of The Inspire 2 Impact Foundation and The Recipe Dance Company, and I talk about his choreography process, what inspires him, and how he never planned on being a dancer.

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Question: What do you do that feels authentic to your soul?

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Annett Bone is the creator and host of The DancePreneuring Studio where she guides her listeners on a journey of transformation inspired by dance, life, and business. The podcast is a reflection of her personal adventure overcoming her fears and returning to her passion for dance after a 20+ year hiatus, the lessons that she has learned along the way, and proving that it’s never too late to be great.

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