#088: 8 Important Insights from a Podcast Conference [Podcast]


Don’t dwell on what you’ve forgotten, whether it’s choreography for a performance, or in this case, speaking points in a speech. It doesn’t matter and the show must go on : )

Session Summary:

    • Step to Success: A step to your success is anything that moves your life and your business forward.  Whether it’s an app, a book or an idea, you can apply something today that will help you succeed.  Today’s step is a tool called Inbox When Ready for Gmail that helps you focus and not get distracted by emails.
    • Dancer’s Dialect: The Dancer’s Dialect is the dancer’s language.  I share dance concepts and terminology across different genres so you can see the correlations in your life and in your business.  The word for today is step touch and it is very simple. The following hilarious video shows that you don’t need to complicate things (whether dance or something else), which is why I say “Let’s K.I.S.S.” (Keep It Simple Sweetheart : )

  • Freestyle Flow: A lesson in increasing my empathy barometer and my excitement when I talk to entrepreneurs.
  • Feature Presentation: In this session of The DancePreneuring Studio, I share 8 important insights I learned from a podcast conference called MAPCON (Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference).

Links from this Session:

Inbox When Ready for Gmail

Super Joe Pardo

MAPCON 2016 Virtual Ticket

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Annett Bone is the creator and host of The DancePreneuring Studio where she guides her listeners on a journey of transformation inspired by dance, life, and business. The podcast is a reflection of her personal adventure overcoming her fears and returning to her passion for dance after a 20+ year hiatus, the lessons that she has learned along the way, and proving that it’s never too late to be great.

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