#115: Things Are Not Always What They Seem [Podcast]

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Session Summary:

      • Step to Success: A step to your success is anything that moves your life and your business forward.  Whether it’s an app, a book or an idea, you can apply something today that can help you succeed.  Today’s step is a segment that I am thinking of doing monthly or quarterly, doing a bit of a deeper dive in a dance topic from the perspective of my dance trainer, David Bagley, who you can find out more about in Session #100. I’m thinking of calling it Dance Download’s from David. Listen to how he would train me if he had 12 weeks and a million dollars on the line, and more…
      • Feature Presentation: First impressions can be deceiving. I’m glad I was wrong about my first impression about the production of “Paradise Lost-Reclaiming Destiny” a production by No Man Apart that was a feast for the senses. I share 5 things tramadol buy online cheap that I got from watching this performance as follows:
        • First impressions are not accurate sometimes.
        • Formula: Effort + Energy = Excitement and Effort + Excitement = Energy. It’s the Triple “E” Effect that you can apply to dance or anything else.
        • In dance and business, what are you trying to say? How are you going to emphasize your message?
        • Move with meaning whether in dance or business.
        • Be creative from the start whether it’s in choreography or your business project.

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Annett Bone is the creator and host of The DancePreneuring Studio where she guides her listeners on a journey of transformation inspired by dance, life, and business. The podcast is a reflection of her personal adventure overcoming her fears and returning to her passion for dance after a 20+ year hiatus, the lessons that she has learned along the way, and proving that it’s never too late to be great.

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