#175: 7 Warning Signs That You’re In The Wrong Business [Podcast]


Pay attention to warning signs. More importantly, pay attention to your intuition. This session on 7 warning signs that you’re in the wrong business was difficult to record because I still wanted to keep it as positive as possible.

Session Summary:

  • Step to Success: A step to your success is anything that moves your life and your business forward. Whether it’s an app, a book or an idea, you can apply something today that can help you succeed. Today’s step to success is using whatever you need to stay hydrated. I love my Takeya Water Bottle.
  • Dancer’s Dialect: The Dancer’s Dialect is the dancer’s language. I share dance terminology and concepts across different genres so you can see the correlations in your life and in your business. Today’s concept is based on my recent experience at a backhanding workshop at my yoga studio.
  • Freestyle Flow: I love me some chocolate and sunflower butter. Yum : )
  • Feature Presentation:
  • 7 Warning Signs That You’re In The Wrong Business
  •     1. Your treatment is conditional.
  •     2. They promote their definition of success over your definition of success.
  •     3. They ridicule other businesses and people, whether publicly or privately.
  •     4. You are not passionate about the product or service.
  •     5. They teach based on theory and speculation.
  •     6. They instill fear and guilt in you if you decide to pursue other projects.
  •     7. They pressure you to spend money that you don’t have.

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Annett Bone is the creator and host of The DancePreneuring Studio where she guides her listeners on a journey of transformation inspired by dance, life, and business. The podcast is a reflection of her personal adventure overcoming her fears and returning to her passion for dance after a 20+ year hiatus, the lessons that she has learned along the way, and proving that it’s never too late to be great.