#194: How to Make a Powerful Impact in Dance, Life and Business [Podcast]


Alonzo King LINES Ballet embraces a spirit of inquiry and openness to change combined with a reverence for legacy and history.

-Core Ideology of LINES Ballet-

Session Summary:

Feature Presentation: There are many ways to make a powerful impact in dance, life and business. Alonzo King LINES Ballet made a powerful impact with an exquisite balance of ease, power and grace in their recent production of Sutra at The Wallis that inspired the 5 following thoughts:

1. It’s not about delighting the senses all the time but testing the mindset. Yoga is a great example where this is tested more often than not.

2. There is a balance of effort and ease in many things. Professionals like the dancers in LINES Ballet make it look easy, but we know that takes a lot of work.

3. Cutting things out that are not connecting. Combining East and West in this production showed the possibilities and importance of this. I also referenced an aspect of this in Session 193.

4. Parameters can serve a purpose. For example, the body aesthetic in this company is clear with the beautiful lines that all the dancers had. I thought all companies were looking for these, but that’s not the case. You might not fit these parameters but that doesn’t make you less important, or less of an artist. Establish your parameters whether it’s in your daily disciplines or the types of input you ingest from food, to reading material, to other forms of media.

5. Are you looking for longevity or popularity? Is your mission to leave a legacy or simply make an impression? You can still make an impression but are you looking beyond the immediate?

Photo by Kevin Perry

Lines Ballet performing a world premiere with Zakir Hussain, Photo by Chris Hardy

Lines Ballet performing a world premiere with Zakir Hussain, Photo by Chris Hardy

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1st Photo above by Chris Brady for The Wallis

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