#197: 5 Essential Elements to Empower as an Artist [Podcast]

Session Summary: 

28 EXPLOSIVE DANCE FILMS, THEATER & ROOFTOP SCREENINGS, Q&A, HOLLYWOOD, GLOBAL BEATS by GINGEE, COCKTAILS, UMAMI BURGER, AWARDS, MIXER–If you saw this description for an event, you’d want to attend, right? I enjoyed my time at The Divulge Dancers Film Festival in November 2018 which inspired 5 essential elements to empower as an artist.


  1. Empower the element of your communication skills. One thing is to work on is enunciation. I had a hard time understanding one of the dancers on Get Lite.
  2. Empower the element of possibility thinking. Put the law of attraction into play. One of the dancers did this in Get Lite because he said he was going to Paris and London to teach and it happened. Get the creativity going toward the results you want and not what you don’t want.
  3. Empower adversity into an advantage. Mother’s Balls featured Amber’s adversity of a strict background which forced her to be creative.
  4. Empower inclusivity in dance and other art forms. Making Waves with the Down’s Syndrome dancers was very heartwarming. I am also reminded of other companies that are inclusive such as Axis, Heidi Latsky, Infinite Flow and Leigh Purtill Ballet Company.
  5. Empower Other’s Skill Set. I love getting around other people that are more advanced in their skill sets than I am. A great example of someone who always empowered others to be better was Gene Kelly.


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Interview with Marisa Hamamoto

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Heidi Duckler

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