How to Optimize The Creative Mindset Inspired by Monet and Banksy



“Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas.” -Donatella Versace-

If you compare two artists as different as Monet and Banksy, it would be no surprise that there would be opposing, conflicting opinions because of their artistic styles. Nonetheless, they are both creative and evoke a variety of emotions from their works.  In this session of The DancePreneuring Studio, I share 7 tips on how to optimize the creative mindset based on my wonderful experiences at the Monet Expo and Banksy exhibit in Los Angeles.

7 Takeaways from this session:

  1. How can you create your environment to serve you best? Minimal or lots of things around that inspire you and bring your joy? Some of your tastes might be informed by culture, a love for a certain person, place or thing. For example, a friend of mine loves flamingos, disco balls and pom poms, so she has those objects in her surroundings. Monet was warm with comforting colors and his art taking you to beautiful experiences and places. In contrast, Banksy was confrontational, dark and mysterious.
  2. How can you add value and find ways to engage in your business and personal relationships? Both Monet and Banksy exhibits included additional VIP experiences like the coloring and displaying our art on the wall, and the virtual reality tour, and a souvenir poster to commemorate our experience.  For business and personal might be a quick phone call or a handwritten note. 
  3. What can you let go of that will take weight off your shoulders? I am reminded of the Banksy piece of the girl with the heart balloon. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of even good things but are you sacrificing great for good. This takes time to discern and can be different for the various seasons in your life.
  4. Instead of being quick to judge how about being quick to think compassionately? Extending grace to others and to yourself.
  5. What are some therapeutic activities you can do? Not to overwhelm by adding more things but things that give you some relief.
  6. Easing into versus rushing into–knee jerk reaction vs strategic intention. For example, I appreciated the sense of calm and ease of entering the Monet exhibit first with the setting of the music, then his life and artwork simply hung on the walls. The Banksy exhibit was quite the opposite. The contrast between light and dark was abrupt, things were in your face all over the place. This was still strategic because that is what is representative of his art.
  7. Destroying things might make them better.  For example, destroying bad habits, brings room for creativity and more ideal habits. Erase, replace and embrace what moves you forward to be more creative.

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