Silver Linings in a Pandemic

All of us are part of a beautiful pageantry of human experience. Let us make the most of this life in all we do.

― Laurence Overmire

My lovely guest today has colorfully and beautifully amplified the human experience, through her extensive work in film, television, animation and theater. 

Melissa Greenspan has been on notable shows such as Desperate Housewives, NCIS, and Modern Family to name a few and over 300 appearances for companies including FOX, NBC, TD Ameritrade, Discover Card, Capital One, Gerber, Dairy Queen, Hallmark,Chevron, Marshalls, Diet Pepsi and many more.

According to The Tolucan Times, one of many wonderful testimonials “The diminutive Melissa Greenspan is infectiously lovable.”

What I didn’t know is that Melissa danced in a company when she was younger, has a teenage daughter that is dancer and a gymnast, worked on “Dancing 4 Democracy” with some Broadway stars and dancers for the Biden/Harris campaign, and is playing the role of Ida Rubinstein a Russian dancer with Ballet Russe in the online work called “Unravelled” where art, music and science intersect.

Links/Information from this session:

Dance 4 Democracy

Photo courtesy of Lucy Pollak Public Relations and captured by Corwin Evans

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